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As everyone knows we have been planning an art upgrade for a long time, BUT what no one knew is this upgrade is going to be far larger and more in depth than anyone expected!  


First we need to explain where we currently are to appreciate where we are going to go. DASC started with 1 collection, which soon became 4 with the Wasted, Annihilated and Spirit Bottles. That was confusing for some new people, but not difficult to grasp. However with Drunkies, Whinos, Wine Bottles, Bootleg and Coasters it’s so confusing people pass on us even when they want to be a part of what we are doing! Our Web3 marketing efforts, spaces and cross community events are being severely hampered by all of the collections. All of our collections as a whole have also been feeling the result of this confusion. We are essentially at all time lows on all collections with very little we can do to help as it stands. This is happening at a time when our IRL business is increasingly successful. It’s also a time where our Web3 presence has never been more robust with partnerships, token integrations, ambassadors and a new supporting cast to push us forward. Our collection sizes at the time of minting made sense for us, we always put a lot of thought into why, what and how, but when we reflect on where we are now the economics of them just don’t make sense anymore. We’re big enough to realize when we’ve made mistakes and are always open to pivoting when the time is right. As mentioned, spirit sales have been steady and are improving, while wine sales continue to increase month over month. Even with all that said, rewards for spirits have only been able to be paid out every other month and whino’s still have yet to receive any reward share. That is why a change is needed and this new plan is how we will take DASC to where it was destined to be. We will regain and even push far past where we’ve been in Web3 previously. 


The formula and path forward to us has become quite clear and we can’t wait to share with you how we plan to bring it to life! We need to simplify everything and make it easier for people to understand what we are doing while rocking some unique and elevated art that represents who we are in Web3!

With that said we are incredibly PROUD to introduce the GLUGGENING to DASC...




We will be burning SEVEN of our collections which includes: Drunken Apes, Whinos, Drunkies, Wasted, Annihilated, Spirit and Wine Bottles, into one UNIFIED collection with incredible new art called redacted. This new collection will consist of roughly 3,300 new, unique and beautiful ape and rhino NFTs. They will carry with them the combined utility from ALL 7 of the burned collections into 1! As the new collection is incorporating everything into 1, the new collection will come with the following utilities per NFT: 50% reward share in the spirits sales, 60% reward share in the wine sales, 1 SUPER sized monthly raffle, the most $GLUG staking value to date, plus more!


The Gluggening art 

We want to introduce everyone to the LEGEND himself @bizzle (on X @thawizardofart). Bizzle is such an incredibly talented artist that from the second we told him what we wanted, he instantly found a way to make our dreams into reality. His concepts blew us away and we know when you see all of the new art you will understand why our jaws dropped on the floor the day we saw it.

As we are a very unique project, so should our art be reflective of the originality we’ve brought to Web3. This art is something that you have NEVER seen before in Web3. We decided to take a new approach to NFTs in the reimagining of DASC/Whinos and as a result we have created roughly 3,300 completely original 1/1, distinct and visually stunning pieces of wall hanging worthy art. @bizzle took inspiration from ALL of these 7 collections and found a way to blend everything together into a MOSAIC of unique styles, colors and themes that truly blew us away. While all art in this collection is a 1/1, we will still have certain styles and attributes that will lend to a more rare part of the collection than others. You will find the rarer NFTs in this collection that will pay homage to the main collection 1/1s of the past. There will be certain rare traits from previous collections that snuck their way in and other NFTs that will be VERY clearly different and thus VERY rare and likely highly sought after. Plus there are many hidden symbols, messages and winks to days past! 



































THE GLUGGENING How will It Work?

By working and listening with the community we made many changes from the original plan. We incorporated a point system, modified NFT values and increased the collection size. After all the changes were made, the Pink Chart was the winner in a vote with massive community approval. Make sure to only reference the Pink Chart in determining your NFT point value and factoring any sweeping in.









































THE GLUGGENING Redemption instructions


You will send your qualifying NFTs to us in exchange for a GLUGGENING token. You will need to complete the redemption form here #redemption, which will include you providing us your wallet address and sending your NFTs to be burned. By using LaunchmyNFT’s send tool it will cost mere pennies to transfer your NFTs. We will be airdropping tokens to holders upon receipt of their NFTs and burning of them. The token will be used on THE GLUGGENING date to redeem for the redacted collection.


If you do not have enough of any collection to meet the redemption threshold for a GLUGGENING token, you will have the following options: 


A) You can get your brooms out and sweep any collection you need for a redemption level! 


B) Ladder Up: Any left over points from a redemption or holdings that don’t equal the 50 point threshold will be pooled together and raffled off. For every 50 points collected we will add 1 additional token to the raffle.

C) Lastly, if you don’t want to partake in either above option you can hold onto your current NFTs for a MUCH smaller $GLUG staking value. With the new collection we will be quartering the current $GLUG emissions for anyone who does not participate in THE GLUGGENING. 

It is important to reiterate that this new collection is intended to REPLACE all of these 7 collections as noted above. As such to ensure proper incentives are provided to those that participate, none of the collections that we’ve mentioned will retain ANY of their original value. They will no longer receive their previous rewards and will be delisted from our ME page and become unverified.


ANd The Following artwork:


We will be accepting NFTs for the mass burn for 3 weeks (from Jan 20 through Feb 10). The following day on Feb 11 at 2pm EST, we will be opening up THE GLUGGENING portal for ONLY 48 hours. We are doing the upgrade using a candy machine through a traditional mint style to ensure 100% fairness, transparency and randomization for holders. This will also add a layer of excitement as there are going to be a TON of surprises including RARE, LEGENDARY NFTs and much more!





The changes don’t stop THE GLUGGENING


We are making 2 other wholesale changes to the way we currently operate

  1. We will no longer be offering noncustodial staking for the new collection. If you want to continue to stack that $GLUG you will need to commit to staking for either 30 days (good $GLUG rewards), 60 days (great $GLUG rewards) or 180 days (incredible $GLUG rewards) FOR TRUE BELIEVERS WHO WANT MAX REWARDS! With more NFTs staked, it will result in fewer NFTs listed and holders will reap the rewards of a more stable floor. If you don’t stake your new collection you will be left thirsting for that GLUG!

  2. As we have been around for a long time there is A LOT of $GLUG floating out there. As such the value is diminished significantly for current holders who have copious amounts. To remedy this and make $GLUG more valuable and relevant we are going to restructure the program by doing the following:

    A) New staking value will be 12.50/day $GLUG for 30 days, 25/day for 60 days and 50/day for 180 days

    B) Currently redemption cost 200 $GLUG for $1 OFF with a max at $10 OFF. We will be changing it to 375 $GLUG with a max at $20 OFF. Furthermore we expect to soon be able to offer fully redeemable bottles paid solely with $GLUG!

    C) We will be having weekly $GLUG only raffles for exciting prizes including NFTs, merch and free bottles. There will be 2 tiers for the weekly prizes. Minor for the smaller weekly prize, which cost a minimal amount of $GLUG but will allow all holders to participate. Then the Major raffle for the larger weekly prize, which will cost a sizable amount of $GLUG but will gate players to reward the largest holders only. ALL $GLUG EARNED FROM RAFFLE WILL BE BURNED FOREVER! 




We wholeheartedly believe that if we implement all of these changes it will lead to dramatic improvement in the overall value and perception of our collection. We expect to see a steady influx of new holders, more buzz about what we are doing around Web3, increased IRL sales, higher reward shares, plus plus plus. We understand that some will love all these changes, some will be on board with X and not Y and others will disagree with the plan in its totality. We appreciate all viewpoints and please know this decision wasn’t rushed, nor did it come lightly.

I think We can all agree that for some time the Web3 side of the business has been trending in the wrong direction. We have been continuously tweaking and trying new things to reinvigorate this area without consistent success. While listening carefully to all the suggestions from our community and others on areas that needed improvement, we felt the only way to achieve the desired outcome was THE GLUGGENING. We hope that everyone sees the vision and rolls with us to the next phase, the best phase of DASC/Whinos ever! A kickass community, banging art, IRL bottle sales and so much more to take us to the moon once and for all! 

We are always available in the chat or DMs for questions to all
ow the community to learn more about the plan. We are excited for all the great things 2024 has in store for us!

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