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  • What Is The Drunken Ape Social Club?
    Drunken Ape Social Club (DASC) is an alcohol brand founded by a group of like-minded enthusiasts in Toronto, Canada. 2,888 DASC NFTs were launched on the Solana Blockchain in March of 2022. This endeavour aimed to merge a real-world alcohol company with blockchain technology creating a brand that's recognizable in both the real world and web3. We are currently contract distilling and selling our premium vodka and whiskey. At the same time we have extended our brand into the wine business with the introduction of WHINOs. WHINOs is currently offering four types of wine for sale; Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Rosé and coming soon… Blue wine. Both collections offer a reward share of 50% to our NFT holders in perpetuity. Apart from being an alcohol brand, DASC is also a social club for individuals across the globe to gather, forge friendships, share a cocktail (or two or more) and enjoy the company of like-minded enthusiasts. Come join our family in our Discord where you will always be greeted with a hello and a cold beverage!
  • How Is Our Alcohol Produced?
    In each country we have been licenced to sell alcohol, we have partnered with regional distilleries to contract distill our range of spirits and wine. Contract distilling allows DASC to produce barrels of customized spirits and wines of the highest quality at affordable upfront costs and in flexible quantities until we have accumulated enough capital to open the DASC Distillery.
  • Our Spirits
    Drunken Ape Whiskey: Caramel in color, with rich oaky aromas. The taste of this Whiskey is exceptionally smooth, with slight hints of vanilla, honey, and spice. The finish is crisp and clean, with flavors that will dance on your palate for some time. The perfect whiskey made by apes for apes. 80 proof (40% ABV) • 95% rye, 5% malted barley. Drunken Ape Vodka: Six Times Distilled Corn Based Vodka made in the heartland of the USA - crisp, refreshing and smooth, this Vodka rivals the world's finest. It is NON-GMO and Charcoal Filtered to ensure the smoothness is always the last thing you remember. The perfect carefully crafted Vodka sure to impress even the most discerning enthusiast. 80 proof (40% ABV).
  • Our Wine
    Check Out Our Wine Varieties Here:
  • Where Can DASC Alcohol Be Purchased?
    The full line of DASC spirits and wine can currently be purchased online through our website. We are working diligently towards having our full range of products available for sale in local stores, bars and restaurants near you VERY soon! We are able to ship direct to your home in over 40 states throughout the US currently! We have also initiated the process for obtaining license's to sell in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and many more coming soon!
  • What Are The Specific Benefits Of Holding DASC NFTs And Each Of It’s Collections?
    There are currently 5 NFT collections under the Drunken Ape Social Club brand: 1. Drunken Apes – Main Collection Drunken Apes, the first collection that launched under the DASC brand, currently consists of a total of 2,885 NFTs. Each NFT gives its holder an equal 1/2,885 share of 50% of the rewards from the brand's spirit line which currently includes vodka and whiskey. These NFTs also provide access to secondary reward streams depending on the number of NFTs and Discord Role held and lastly can be staked to earn $GLUG token. Collection -> 2. Drunken Apes – Wasted Collection The Wasted Collection is comprised of 1/1 art pieces, many of which were and continue to be designed by our most loyal community members. These NFTs are given as rewards for reaching certain milestones or won as prizes through various community events. The collection is continuously expanding as new custom art is added. This collection can also be staked to earn the $GLUG token. Collection -> 3. Drunken Apes – Annihilated Similar to the Wasted Collection, the Annihilated Collection are also 1/1 art pieces that are set in DASC's metaverse bar. These can also be won as prizes at various community events with some lucky enough to win the opportunity to custom design an Annihilated NFT to be added to the collection. This collection can also be staked to earn the highest $GLUG token yield per day of all DASC collections. Collection -> 4. DASC Bottles DASC's Bottle Collection consists of a total of 200 NFTs. There are 50 NFTs of each gin, whiskey, vodka and rum bottles. The collection was gifted to community members during the early stages of DASC's journey as a token of appreciation. The collection is currently used as ticket entries into a raffle occurring on the 15th of every month. Holding a gin bottle provides 1 entry into every monthly raffle, while whiskey provides 2 entries, vodka provides 3 entries and rum provides 4 entries. A collection of all 4 types will grant you an additional 10 tickets into each and every raffle! Collection -> 5. DRUNKIES Each DRUNKIE NFT was originally redeemable for a bottle of DASC's first available products: vodka or whiskey. Presently, each DRUNKIE will be required to be burned to enable the upgrade of the art of the Drunken Apes collections – Main, Wasted and Annihilated. This collection can also be staked to earn $GLUG token. Collection -> 6. WHINOs Whinos is DASC's latest collection which minted on February 16, 2023 and has a total collection size of 10,000 NFTs. Like the Drunken Apes Main Collection, each NFT provides its holder with an equal 1/10,000 share of 50% of the rewards from the brand's wine line which currently includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Chardonnay, Rosé and soon to be blue wine. These NFTs also provide access to secondary reward streams depending on the number of NFTs held and can also be staked to earn $GLUG token! Collection ->
  • What Are Secondary Reward Streams
    Apart from the 50% interest in their respective bottle rewards, both Main Collection Drunken Ape and Whino holders will receive a percentage of secondary reward streams depending on the number of NFTs held to be allocated equally amongst each holder in that same category. Drunken Apes - Main Collection Number of NFTs % of Secondary Rewards 2-4 10% 5-9 20% 10-29 30% 30+ 40% Secondary Reward Streams for the Drunken Apes Main Collection include: · Rewards from white-labeling spirits for our web3 partners; · 50% of rewards from sales of DASC merchandise; · Reward shares obtained from Main Collection Drunken Ape NFTs held in the burn wallet; and · 10% of rewards from the sales of the WHINO line. Whinos Secondary Rewards TBD Secondary Reward Streams for the WHINOs Collection include: · 50% of rewards from sales of WHINOs merchandise; · Rewards from white-labeling wine for our web3 partners
  • What Is $GLUG Token?
    The $GLUG token is primarily earned through a staking process whereby holders lock their NFTs on our staking platform for certain periods of time. The amount of $GLUG earned is determined by the type of NFT being staked and the length of period the NFT is staked for. $GLUG can also be won through community events or traded for. The $GLUG tokens will be redeemable for discounts on the roster of spirits and whine and will ultimately be used to be able to purchase full bottles on the retail site or exchanged in return for tickets in raffles.
  • Where Can I Find The Latest News And Updates On DASC?
    The most current news and updates on the brand's progress can be located in the project's Discord server and Twitter page
  • What Do The Different Label Colours On The Bottles Mean?
    The initial runs of our vodka and whiskey bottles include a rarity scale much like NFTS do. Each label colour is symbolic of a different type of rarity which is associated with different prizes as set out below. To claim your prize, please head to our website or Discord and fill out the claim form.
  • What Are The Long Term Visions For The Project?
    DASC aims to be an internationally recognized brand and is acquiring licences to sell in several countries including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and many more. While we currently use contract distilling to produce and sell our alcohol, we plan to open our own distillery in the future. Asides from growing our brand globally, we will also be expanding our line of spirits and wines with the next additions to be a banana-spiced rum, gin and even a tequila. Further, as DASC is rooted in web3, we also aim to be a social club in the metaverse where friends can meet virtually at our metabar.
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