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Whinos will change the game further as we continue to grow the DASC brand. This will become a brand extension of the current Drunken Ape offerings. Given we are already Web3's first distillery creating IRL spirits we decided that now is the time to extend into another market that will help us spread our wings and fly even further.


What Are Whinos?

Whinos are a generative art collection of premium unique quality art that will be minting on Solana on the 27th of February 2023. We tried to make the art as original as we could with unique traits that genuinely reflect the brand we are looking to create while complimenting the pillars with which Drunken Ape was born. We are already licensed, labels are approved, legal has been looked after and all production is at the ready. Through the Whinos mint we will be producing four types of wine that will ALREADY be for sale in 40 states PRIOR to the actual mint. We are already starting to produce White, Red, Rose and BLUE wine to try and ensure there is an offering for every palate!

Why Should You Care?

If you’ve been paying attention to the last number of months you know we are dedicated to building a sustainable business that will stand the test of time. Whinos represents an opportunity for further brand awareness of Drunken Ape. The price point (TBD officially) given the current state of Solana will be significantly cheaper than our other offerings. This should allow new investors to come into the project (buying a DRUNKEN APE is the only way to guarantee yourself a mint) while still having our other amazing community members that are interested in getting in on the ground floor of the wine business! It will also give us an opportunity to create an additional revenue stream for the project and ultimately further rewards for our holders. As a DRUNKEN APE OG holder you will be entitled to 10% of the reward share that will be handled through our secondary reward tiers currently in place (KK – 40%, Blackout – 30%, Plastered – 20%, Surly- 10%). This is whether you mint a Whino or not, DRUNKEN APES will ALWAYS be looked after. Whinos are intended to grow Drunken Ape's brand even further across the USA (For now) by bringing quality premium Wine to WEB3 and beyond.

How Rewards Work?

Minting a Whino not only gives you a cool and unique piece of premium NFT art it also holds the key to your proportionate Reward share of 50% of the wine company. Whinos will also earn $GLUG at the same rate as Drunken Apes. $GLUG will be used to allow you to purchase real bottle of Drunken Ape Spirits and Whinos wine! DRINK2EARN continues over here at DASC! Long Term Vision This is ground-breaking for the WEB3 and NFT space as a whole. Where most projects rely on hype alone to continue to bring back value to their community, Drunken Ape is continually pushing the boundaries of marrying WEB2 and WEB3 with IRL products and REAL tangible rewards to holders.

Why Drunken Ape?

We are quietly (for now) building an IRL Alcohol empire the likes of which WEB3 has never seen! Our roots will continue to marinate and grow in WEB3 (for now) and eventually explode in WEB2, the real world and beyond! Whinos are the next step in growing a global alcohol brand born through an NFT the only question is would like wine, spirits or both served on your yacht?

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