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The Sober Ape is the most common in the wild. They are typically a serious Ape, responsible and reliable, a social drinker. The kind of Ape you want to help you move or walk you dog if you are out of town. The kind you'd trust with half of your seed phrase or to mint and NFT for you if you're busy. If you have plans they always keep them, they even show up 15 minutes early to be safe. This is a good Ape, a safe Ape, an Ape we all know and love.



The Tipsy Ape is uncommon, but still seen regularly. They are typically a fun Ape, always making jokes with a zest for life, minting projects with you so you can check floor price together. The kind of Ape you go with on vacation, to a party or a club. The kind of ape you want on your team. They are the Apes that know the best late restaurants or has a friend, who knows a guy, who has a brother that can get you whatever you need. This is a social Ape, an adventurous Ape,

an Ape we all need in our lives.

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THE Surly aPE

The Surly Ape is illusive, as they are all over the place they can be quite hard to see. They are a risky Ape to be with, a wildcard, as you never know what will happen next. The kind of Ape that you have your very best stories with, but also some of your worst. The kind who mints for .88 SOL and lists for .69 or 69 SOL. They are the Apes that will get into a fight over nothing, but will back you up whenever needed. This is a wild Ape, a spontaneous Ape, an Ape that knowing one of is enough.


tHE plastered aPE

The Plastered Ape is quite rare, as very few can go the distance. They are a dangerous Ape to be around as serious trouble always follows them. The kind of Ape that people whisper about, always starting with "you won't believe what they did now". They are the Apes that have been kicked out of every bar in town, blocked from every discord now and again, but have just enough charisma to get back in next time. This is a reckless DEGEN Ape, a stressful Ape, an Ape that's hazardous to your health but one you can't avoid even if you try.

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With 1 in the universe, the Black Out Ape is as rare as they get, no other Ape can do what this one does. They have no self-control, no boundaries and no limit. They've been known to go all in on meme coins, sell below the floor and then beg the community for help. This is an Ape that is on a first name basis with the police. This Ape ran high school, was legendary in college, people started distancing from them afterwards and became a cautionary tale to tell your baby apes about today. This is a distinctive Ape, unparalleled, an Ape that is in a class by itself


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