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How It Works

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2) Once purchased, join our discord and open a support ticket to post proof of purchase (screen shot of the purchase or invoice number will do).

3) After proof is posted you will get a spin of the wheel in the support ticket and you will win one of these amazing prizes! If you win a SolDrop key see below prize list here!

4) Prizes will be airdropped to you in the support ticket and that's it!! You now got to enjoy our spirits live at the DASC sponsored event, order premium web3 crafted spirits and wine and supported the community! DASC continues to innovate Drink2Earn in every way that it can! #LFGLUG

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Check our NFTs out on MagicEden 


If you won a SolDrop key on the Drunken Wheel of Fortune each one will enable you to open a SolDrop box that could open and have the following prizes! Please visit the SolDrop website to open your box and reveal your prize!

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