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What are DRUNKIES?

DRUNKIES are more than just another mint

it represents a movement, a new playing field for SOL NFTs and a game changer for how projects and degens think about minting. WEB3 x IRL FOR REAL THIS TIME. DRUNKIES will be the first ever Web3 mint that gives you the guaranteed opportunity to purchase our first run IRL spirits at NO COST (other than shipping). That’s not a typo... Simply put, minting and holding a DRUNKIE gets you the opportunity to get a FREE bottle of first run Drunken Ape whiskey or vodka!

If you are however underage, sober, just don't like to drink or are in a restricted state in the USA we have however made an option to claim a second DRUNKIE with potential incredible value in lieu of the physical bottle. We plan on being everywhere soon so don't worry if you can't get one now, you will be able to get the IRL bottle in the near future!


As if a free bottle of irl spirits wasn't good enough utility....

DRUNKIES will also

1. Earn $GLUG at half the staking rewards of an OG Drunken Ape ($GLUG is what you’ll need to buy future bottles, enter raffles, get once in a lifetime merch boxes).

2. Enter you into a monthly DRUNKIE raffle with HUGE prizes from NFTs to IRL bottles to Merch, free trips and MORE !

3. Lastly and you’ll have to trust us on this one… but you’re DEFINITELY gonna need one of these down the not so very long road in the somewhat possibly very not so distant future




The mint will take place on 09-24-22




1000 DRUNKIES will be available for


mint PRICE 


TBD (As this is based on an actual
product we will release this closer to the mint date)




There will be three price levels and times of mint 

1. OG Mint We of course love the OG's and you are our everything!
Anyone who holds an OG Drunken Ape will automatically be given the role of @OG DrunkList in our server. You will be able to mint UNLIMITED DRUNKIES first and before anyone else gets a chance. You will also be minting at the lowest price. In Additiona OG Drunken Ape Holders will also be getting back profit from the DRUNKIES mint as if they we're bottles sold

Drunklist is now open and will be available to people who don't own a drunken ape so hurry up and get @DrunkListed. It will be used to collab and bring other projects into Drunken Ape. This role will be able to mint DRUNKIES directly after the OG's if any supply remains. Mint price will be more than OG but less than the public mint price and there will be no limits on mint quantity. I'd be getting an OG Drunken Ape NOW if I was you... Just Saying

Public IF there is any supply left after OG and DrunkList these will go to a public sale and will be at the highest price level.

Why You Should Care

As some of you know we are also adding actual IRL rarities to the ACTUAL SPIRIT bottles, so purchasing the alcohol will be like minting an NFT in

the real world! Each bottle comes with a prize, such as $GLUG token, NFTs and of course a grand prize of an all expenseS paid trip for a whiskey tour on us! Think of Willy Wonkas Golden Ticket but for drunk degens…


These are more than just buzz words for us at DASC. We want people to remember the first NFT project that brought spirits into the real world from jpegs. Right click save that mfers…


You heard it here first… DRUNKIES is gonna change the game forever… the only question is are you ready to play at this level ANON?